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About Us

Transforming your workspace!


Bay Area Interior Plants is a leading supplier of interior plantscaping in the Bay Area with over 10 years of experience in the design, installation and maintenance of plants, flowers and containers. We provide live plants for workspaces such as offices, restaurants, hospitals, shopping centers, hotels fact any type of building that needs the beauty and functionality that comes with the right plant display.


Every customer's requirements are unique. We have long believed that attention to detail in fulfilling these individual needs is the key to customer satisfaction.


Just as important as achieving the perfect design is our comprehensive installation and maintenance plan that will ensure your live plant displays are always looking their best:


  • One of our trained technicians will take total responsibility for your plants

  • They work discreetly and courteously on regular maintenance visits to ensure the plants are always looking their best.

  • Should a plant begin to fail or become overgrown, it will be replaced.


As a local company our main priority and the root to our success is due to the professionalism, enthusiasm and dedication of our team of specialists and how we build long lasting relationships with our clients, while providing the best tailored service to care for each plant.


Get in touch with us today about a FREE plant consultation.


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